Citizen English High School

Our Teachers says

We believe that our students love to learn and thrive when challenged. To best challenge them, our faculty spends time getting to know the students. We strive to understand them not only as learners but also as individuals. Our teachers identify students’ academic strengths as well as areas of growth. They also know the passions and interests of the students. We use this understanding to individualize the learning experience of the young minds. Our teachers are always in pursuit of a deeper understanding of their students. They develop new techniques, tools, and approaches all the while and keep upgrading them. Thus, they can engage students better in meaningful learning experiences. Believing that everyone has the potential for growth, challenges students and teachers alike. It also empowers both to learn about themselves and their role in the world. Two thirds of our internationally trained and experienced faculty hold advanced university degrees. On-going professional development of our faculty is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Teachers and students work together not just in the classroom, but on the athletic field and stage, in student clubs, and during other out of classroom activities.